Sense | Making

We believe in design and the power it has to answer the needs of business and user in order to make life better. Let’s work together to make something greater than either of us could have alone.

How  { sense }

We uncover core needs and translate them into core objectives that drive development; establishing a strong strategic thread that anchors every design, branding, and communication decision. 

  • Brand Audits

  • Communication Frameworks

  • Strategic Leadership Frameworks

  • Design Sprints & Charrettes

  • Strategic Roadmaps

  • Brainstorm and Ideation Sessions

What  { making }

We connect the dots and bring the final solution to life, ensuring it is beautiful as well as functional. We use the visual language (line, shape, color, texture, scale, etc) to craft cohesive messages, products, and experiences.

  • Brand Identity

  • Print and Publication

  • Corporate Communication

  • Environment and Interiors

  • Product and Merchandise

  • Illustration and Sculpture

We love a new challenge, so ask if you don’t see something here.

(Also, it's hard to capture everything in a succinct list). 

Why  { serving others }

We don’t create for ourselves, we create for others. We’re especially passionate about bridging gaps between business goals, business and manufacturing requirements, and customer needs. Yes, we’re creative and like to push the envelope. Yes, we love to make beautiful things. But, we believe in business. We like to work within financial, legal, brand, and manufacturing restraints. Those are necessary and it is our responsibility and aim to arrive at compelling and strategic solutions that are right for you and your target market.

We care about the full lifecycle of the solution. A product design background has made us user-centered. We’re always thinking about how the audience will receive, understand, and interact with the solution. Every project has a real impact to real people and we want it to be a good one.