My name is Ruth Fowler.

I combine strategic thinking with design thinking to solve a variety of problems. Helping to articulate purpose, and then designing to realize that purpose.

Growing up, I excelled at art and my parents encouraged this pursuit. In my later high school years, my father researched careers that utilize visual skill and creativity. He suggested I study Industrial Design (product design) at Georgia Tech. It was there that the world of ‘design’ was first opened to me. Personally, I had never wanted to be an artist- what I had always liked best was using the tools of visual language (color, shape, form, etc.) to answer a need. My motivation to create was always from an assignment rather than from a desire to express myself.

This is what I love about design- working with the seen and felt world to help improve that world for others- for better usability and communication. An Industrial Design education and then an MBA gave me a solid foundation in problem solving and design thinking- being comfortable tackling a variety of problems and knowing how to first understand the whole of the problem before developing a solution.

My 15-year career has provided me with the opportunity to work with project teams where I could help strategically connect the various needs and goals of each part (finance, legal, marketing, business, manufacturing, user, etc.) to ultimately provide the best solution for both the end user and the various business components.

This is what I love to do- illuminate and organize the purpose and goals, and then design to bring about that purpose and accomplish the goals.